Flexascreens started as an off shute of www.bravoscreens.com and www.bravoblinds.com we are manufactures of retractable window and door screens with patented clutch system(8.6 million Installed) and complete window treatment. As we where doing a lot of boats,motor homes,homes and planes we were running in a lot of odd shaped windows and had to come up New ideas to cover those odd shaped windows, plus we could not install our retractable screens on those applications.we wanted to come up with the best product for those applications.We need products that can cover any type of window,door and other applications thus flexascreens and flexsunscreens were started.

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Provides great protection against bugs, insects, mosquitoes, flies and airborne pestsWindow Screens for Sash- Hopper-Awings & Casement Window Screens Hacker Shield Provided by Ecom Secure Inc. World's finest ecommerce provider.Bug Screen- Fly Screens - Insect Screen- Window Bug ScreenOur products are designed for unlimited uses from: windows, doors, French doors, gazebos, motorhomes and boats. Designed to perfectly fit odd-shaped windows that standard, conventional, off the shelf products do not fit. Custom maufactured to perfect fit you need. Protection against bugs, insects, and fly and other airborne particles.